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We take pride in our collaborative relationships with companies that support our mission of success and innovation. Through partnerships with renowned enterprises, we are building robust foundations for mutual growth and achieving common goals. Get to know our partners who bring unique expertise and values to our dynamic business community.

J. Dauman

J. Dauman by Capital Business Links is a firm of chartered accountants and business advisors dedicated to the success of your business, with expertise in the UK, Europe, and international markets.

In our collaboration, J. Dauman not only delivers accounting solutions but also benefits from unique Mindfulness services provided by Klimek Academy. We take pride in offering Mindfulness services aimed at improving the balance between professional and personal life and promoting mental health for their team.

Through the partnership with Klimek Academy, your company can benefit not only from an integrated approach to mental health. As Klimek Academy, we are committed to creating a holistic environment, ensuring the prosperity and well-being of J. Dauman’s employees.


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Our Book

Do you wonder if it is possible to effectively get rid of pain without leaving home?

YES, IT IS! In this book, Krzysztof Klimek describes in detail how to step by step do the exercises that will help you heal pain from the neck area, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and hips. Through the holistic approach to his work, Krzysztof developed a technique of performing physical exercises in the way that provides permanent effects and improves the quality of life on the physical and mental level.
Krzysztof Klimek has a master’s degree in Physiotherapy and he specializes in musculoskeletal therapy, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture. Krzysztof has been successfully¬†achieving therapeutic goals with his clients since 2003.

His passion is movement of the human body and the impact of the human psyche on the body posture: “Everything in the body is interconnected and a holistic approach in therapy helps me find all the possible causes of disorders in patients. I am fascinated about how our psyche impacts the posture and patterns of
our movement..”
– Krzysztof Klimek